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eCabs assists courier companies with last mile deliveries

Over the past two weeks, eCabs, the leading passenger transport services provider in Malta, has opened up its infrastructure, logistical and operational capacity to enable a wide range of local and international courier companies to be able to complete thousands of deliveries to their final destination through its own network.  In fact, eCabs embarked on […]

eCabs Appoints New Chief Technology Officer

Applying AI technology to better manage an ever growing fleet, minimizing pick-up time for customers to improve the overall experience as well as building a long-term data strategy for the implementation of a data management platform, will be amongst the main targets driven by eCabs’ newly appointed Chief Technology Officer Patrick Bezzina. In his role, […]

Mastercard and eCabs with total €15,000 cashbacks

Customers using their Mastercard for the first time to pay for a trip worth €10 or more via the eCabs APP, will receive a €5.00 cashback on their cards. A total of €15,000 in cashbacks will be given out to all Mastercard users who place a booking with a new card on the eCabs app […]

The real value of transport | Matthew Bezzina

Our society is driven by a lifestyle where cars are protagonists. We instil the idea in our children that, as soon as they turn 18, they have to get their driving licence and own their car. The car has become a must and is now an intrinsic part of the social fabric. But we have […]

Development & Testing Services Expression of Interest

eCabs Ltd. is a privately-owned transport services provider which has grown at a very fast pace over its nine years of operation, establishing it as a market leader in what has traditionally been a closed, protective and conventional market. Cuorium Ltd is focused on providing solutions in conjunction with the transport and logistics sector. Its main customer […]

INTERVIEW | Matthew Bezzina: ‘We aim to grow into one of the largest corporates in Malta’

eCabs is a household brand in the local transport industry. Its impressive growth and significant operational footprint make it the first private company to reach high standards in service provision and technology application in the sector. BUSINESS TODAY met the company’s CEO, Matthew Bezzina, for an insight into how his business evolved into the leading […]

eCabs Lottery Generates 26,000 App Downloads

Over 26,000 new users installed the eCab app between January and April of this year. During this period, a lottery was organised by eCabs, in collaboration with Michael Attard Ltd, to promote the company’s new App. Over 80,000 rides were booked through the app during the same period.  Every person downloading and booking a ride […]