COVID-19 Statement

These are indeed extraordinary times where maturity, responsibility and prudence should be exemplified by everyone within our shores and beyond. From the first day that COVID-19 hit the international news, we have taken the matter with the seriousness required, keeping constant tabs on the global developments as well as all directions provided by the health authorities and implementing the necessary updated precautionary measures.


To date, the following measures have been taken by the management to ensure the safety of its employees and clients. 


1. Car sanitisation has been increased both in intensity and frequency. This includes the deployment of hospital grade viral and bacterial disinfectant, utilised in both the steaming of the vehicles, as well as thorough cleaning with a special focus on door handles and seat belts.

2. Consistent internal directives for hand sanitisation, including health promotion and best practice notices placed around all premises.

3. A directive to all office staff who can work from home, to do so without delay.

4. Hand sanitisers sourced and placed throughout all premises.

5. All measures as directed by the health authorities, including a reiteration of the updated statements being made by the authorities through all internal communications channels.

6. Updated and clearly communicated company policies with regards to quarantine, travel and leave.

7. Promotion of reduced cash handling, urging our clients to effect payments using their credit card through the App.

These measures are subject to change as the situation develops and according to directives issued by the authorities.

We urge you to read and promote this Health Ministry link, which is consistently being updated with the required information.

Stay calm, be prudent and responsible.