The safety and well-being of our clients and drivers is always our priority. We are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with a finger on the pulse both internationally and locally through very capable local health authorities, and are taking consistent, active steps to ensure everyone’s safety.

These safety measures are shaping the way we are conducting our operations, changing our procedures for today and tomorrow. This page is kept updated at all times following any changes to health guidelines issued by the authorities, be they mandatory or not, and how we are addressing them.

The following measures have been employed:

Latest announcement:

Masks in the vehicle

Date: 21st May

With the recent lifting of restrictive public health measures instituted as part of the COVID19 Public Health Response, the authorities are advising on the benefits of wearing a face mask or visor by individuals who are not ill, when entering closed spaces. Hence, customers and drivers are now requested to wear a mask or a visor in the vehicle at all times. 

Clients who do not have a mask, can buy one directly from the eCab driver at the cost of €0.95. The use of face masks helps reduce the spread of infection in the community by limiting the spread of infection from infected individuals who may not know they are infected, who have not yet developed symptoms or who remain asymptomatic.

All other measures and clarifications:

  1. Car sanitisation has been increased both in intensity and frequency. This includes the deployment of hospital grade viral and bacterial disinfectant with a high residual action, utilised in both the full steaming of the vehicles, as well as thorough cleaning with a special focus on door handles, arm rests, seat belts, separators and headrests.
  2. In-vehicle separators have been installed in all cabs to aid social distancing between the driver and the passenger.
  3. During the ride, windows are kept open to retain ventilation within the vehicle.
  4. The Air-recycler is turned off at all times. 
  5. The Air Conditioner (A/C)can be turned on. We go a step further by treating the A/C with the same viral disinfectant.
  6. We encourage payments to be effected through your credit card on the App to reduce cash handling

Whilst our team has been encouraged to work from home since the beginning of March, we have implemented a number of measures within the offices:

  1. Health promotion and best practice notices placed around all premises for education.
  2. Hand sanitisers sourced and affixed throughout all premises.
  3. Updating all team members on new measures as directed by the health authorities, through all internal communications channels.

We urge you to read and promote this Health Ministry link, which is consistently being updated with the required information.

Stay calm, be prudent and responsible.