Dynamic Pricing FAQ

At eCabs we try to maintain a degree of stability in our prices throughout the year. Dynamic Pricing encourages drivers to get on the road during peak hours and seasons when demand is high.

How does it work?

Demand for rides increases during periods of high scale events, peak activity hours, disruptive road closures and extreme weather conditions. In such cases the price increases in order to encourage more drivers to get behind the wheel. In turn we’ll service more customers and keep waiting times low. It’s a tricky balance and we’re here to ensure that it’s fair for everyone.

Why does the price vary when placing a booking through different booking channels?

You can place a booking through the App, Website, Phone, Email or by walking directly to one of our sub-offices in St Julians. Different booking channels require different amounts of resources to run and manage so different prices apply.

Booking through the App and Website is by far the cheapest option and reduces the chance of errors when making your booking. Yet still, we constantly ensure that our agents handling calls, emails and walk in customers are constantly trained for you to get the service you deserve.

Does the price change between ASAP (On Demand) and Pre-Bookings?

Yes, in certain cases prices increase slightly for Pre-Booked (Scheduled) Trips. Providing the peace of mind that a car will be waiting for you at a pre-scheduled time involves the driver and our systems to do pre planning work and calculations that increases the cost of the trip.

The couple of extra cents/euros charged are certainly worth the convenience!

Can the price change once I book?
No, once a booking is submitted, the price will not change. Prices displayed on the App or Website at the time of booking are fixed irrespective of the road and weather conditions at the time. We also encourage you to confirm the price of the ride when booking through the Phone.

Sometimes I pay much less than the average! Why?

When driver availability is higher than the demand for rides, we decrease prices to encourage more customers to use our services. We think its only fair to pass on those much-needed discounts to you when driver availability is in the customers’ favour.