Snap & Win Competition – MFCC Weddings & Events Expo 2019

Terms & Conditions

  • The “Prize’ includes only bridal car transport
  • The bridal car transport includes two trips; one trip ferrying the bride from her home and a subsequent trip ferrying from the church to the reception venue.
  • In order to participate in the competition, the selfie of the couple will need to be uploaded on Instagram and include the tag @ecabsmalta
  • Only entries submitted between 7thNovember 2019 and 10thNovember 2019 will be valid.
  • The winning couple will be announced on Instagram on November 18th
  • The winner will be picked at random and will be asked a skill question. If the question is answered correctly there and then, the number called will be assigned the Prize.
  • The prize can only be redeemed until December 31st
  • Bridal cars cannot be guaranteed if there is a change in date or time.
  • The winner is entitled to express a preference between the Beauford and the Austin Princess, however if said preferred car is already booked for the selected date, the other bridal car option will be selected.
  • Only entries that fit the criteria above will be eligible.
  • Other Terms & Conditions apply for the use of eCabs’s wedding services.

Upon accepting the Prize the Winner shall automatically be deemed as having accepted to:

  • Have his/her photo and any details (including name and surname) posted on our Instagram page and published on other media communications. If the Winner informs us that s/he does not consent to have his/her details and photo published, then s/he will lose his/her right to such Prize. The Prize Winner shall not be entitled to receive any compensation from us for the use of such photos;
  • Upon participating in the competition, you shall automatically be deemed to have accepted to adhere to these terms and conditions.