Our Story

Who we are, where we’re at, and our next step!

“To learn, serve, and give back, every day.”

Driven forward by the wish of four young entrepreneurs to revitalise the taxicab industry in Malta, eCabs has since its inception (2010) sought to stir and shake how people navigate and commute, not only through the level of service it provides, but more so by introducing a new profile into the national canvas – one defined by sustainable growth, increased efficiency, and the continuous strive to provide lower rates and lower waiting times to its clientele – wherever they are in Malta. Our mission? To connect people to people, and people to places.

And it works. Prevailing trust vested in eCabs by its varied clientele has positioned eCabs as a trend setter in the taxicab industry, and within 3 years, in 2013, eCabs had achieved a number milestones: the inauguration of a new head office; investment in a range of new executive vehicles to further expand its fleet and meet the needs of Malta’s growing industry; and the establishment of social channels that give more opportunities for clients and followers to share feedback, while allowing the company to better communicate its own actions.

Due to unprecedented growth, by 2016, eCabs invested in new premises adjacent to its headquarters to build a new logistics centre and host an expanding fleet of cabs.

In keeping with the promise the black cab company has made to its patrons, we have sought to continuously raise the benchmarks of the transport industry, implementing industry best practices, investing in smart technology, and continuously empowering our drivers through regular training programmes. Smart technologies make us efficient, smarter employees make us eCabs.

And now?

2018 marks the beginning of a new era for eCabs, faced with growing demand for its services and a blooming economy, eCabs rebranded its identity, revamped its digital framework, and restructured its operations model to make way for new ideas, features, and possibilities.

Our next step? We want to keep building on all this, we have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline which we will be releasing to serve our clients and push the boundaries of how one travels within our island.

Thank you for sticking with us – we want to get better, and to do this, we’re keeping our ears to the ground. The black cab company welcomes all feedback, and promises to keep delivering.

We learn around what you tell us to grow around how you live.